Why did Rajiv Gandhi Foundation take money from Mehul Choksi – BJP chief targets Congress

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Chief JP Nadda has targeted the Congress on Saturday. Making matters related to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, he said why did the foundation take money from Mehul Choksi? What is the relationship between Choksi and this foundation? Apart from this, Nadda also raised the question that why the money was given to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation for a few years from the PM National Relief Fund which is to help the people? The country wants to know this.

According to Nadda, I want to tell Sonia Gandhi not to try to avoid the original questions because of Corona or because of the situation in China. The army of India is capable of protecting the country and our borders and the country is safe under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 130 crore countrymen want to know what work Congress has done while in power and how you have betrayed the trust of the country.

He further said – A few days ago, by tweeting, he had raised questions on the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, today P Chidambaram says that the Foundation will return the money. The former finance minister of the country, who is on Bell himself, has to accept that the foundation took the fund in defiance of the country in defiance of the rule. From the PM National Relief Fund which is meant to serve the people and provide relief to them, why did the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation get money from 2005-08? The people of our country want to know the answer.

The BJP chief said, “Under the UPA regime, many central ministries, SAIL, GAIL, SBI, others were pressurized to give money to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.” The people of the country want to know the reason for this. Who is the auditor of PM National Relief Fund? “

He further stated that Thakur Vaidyanathan & Iyer was the company auditor. Rameshwar Thakur was its founder. He was a member of the Rajya Sabha and was the Governor of 4 states. He was an auditor for several decades. The country wants to know what the government wanted to do by making such people auditors. A trustee in the PM National Relief Fund is also the President of the Congress Party.

Not only this, Nadda asked- the people of the country want to know why Rajiv Gandhi Foundation had refused CAG auditing. Why RTI was not applicable to this foundation? Why did you take a donation from Mehul Choksi to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and then for what reason? The country wants to know why the Foundation took money from Choksi and what is the relationship between the two?

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