WhatsApp Receives 5 Star Rating Post New Feature Updates

WhatsApp Receives 5 Star rating post new Feature Updates


.Whenever we are buying products online or installing a particular application. We do that on the basis of the customer rating which we have received. It is a human tendency that, whenever they are trying something new for the very first time. They want to know how it would be if they have it for real for themselves. This is how it has been working since ages and it is the selling point for any marketer or a tech geek.

Customer satisfaction is something which is essential to any business person. So, when we come across a product on an online shopping website. We do read the comments which have been given by the users. It is applicable to the applications which are available on the Play Store or App Store.

There is one particular question which arises here, to what extent are these comments and ratings are liable? The ratings which are provided and available for the users to go through, is the source a genuine one? Are there any possibilities of these ratings for the applications to be unreal and not a legit one? As a common person, to what extent can we really rely on the feedbacks and ratings given for the applications?

WhatsApp Receives 5 Star rating post new Feature Updates

It seems like the all-time famous messenger app Whatsapp has come under the scrutiny of this rating. They are speculations made that the 5-star ratings which the app is at present receiving post the update of different features.

The rating was around 3.4 starred a few months ago. Before the update and now we can see that the rating has reached an average of 4.1. It is said that recently the app has received a few thousands of 5-star ratings and the sources of those ratings seem to be fabricated. The app is showing an average rating of 4.4 posts the ratings of the app to be 5 stars.

We can see that the FB owned Whatsapp has been making attempts to clone Snapchat with the new features. In fact, it is said that there has been a fall in the rating for the app since there has been a change in the status update feature. None of the users were really happy with the new kind of status update. In fact, they were happy with the text format of the status update, rather than the multimedia kind of the status update.

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The specialty of the messenger app is that it holds its own unique kind of features. There was no requirement for the app to change the way it had the status update, adding new features to the app is always welcome. But, cloning something which is already available in a different app is actually not an appealing thing. It is better than the company sticks to its own ways of adding new features rather than duplicating it.

In the present era, not only the social media companies everyone in the world is more interested in the fake news. Facebook has taken a series of steps in order to conflict with the fake news and these efforts are being known to the public. The real fact is that these issues can be rectified only when the government directly deals with it.

An inter-connection between Whatsapp and Snapchat Status feature

Snapchat Feature in Whatsapp android app lets the people share photos, videos, and GIFs as that of the Status. Soon it will arise to iOS, Android, and the Windows Phone. In the Snapchat and Instagram, one can add emojis, text and also drawings to the images and video. All your friends, colleagues and family members will be able to view the multimedia Status.

But anyway the update will get disappears after twenty-four hours and also the folks can reply to your posts. The other options are also available like mute and unmute contacts at any time.

Return of the Text-Based Status Messages

Actually, the folks felt very comfortable with the text-based Status feature for communicating with the friends and the loved ones globally.It can also be anything like current holidays, happenings, wishes for their friends, colleagues etc. But recently, Whatsapp took out this feature and the folks got frustrated.

But recently Whatsapp has bought its text-based feature soon, but it will have a separate space. The only difference is that the feature is now in the about section of a person’s profile. Android app has seen some changes, after a certain period of time iOS will realize these changes.  So the company has decided to combine the feature into the ‘about’ section in the app’s profile.

This update will appear next to the profile names like constructing a new chat or looking at the group information. On the other side of the flip, the company is trying to build a new Status feature that gives the folks enjoyment by sharing photos, videos and the GIFs with their friends, colleagues and family every time.

According to the Report

A Scientist has found that there is intimation in Whatsapp which leads to a situation. Where the communication between the parties leads to interceptions like Facebook, Twitter etc. A special protocol is used in order to generate the unique security keys for its end-to-end encryption.  There is also an instant messaging service is also available in order to generate the new encryption keys for the offline users.

Whereas in Whatsapp proceeds to automatically resend the undelivered messages without notifying the sender and the recipient. The actual fact is that vulnerability does not directly deal with the privacy of the messages at the risk of stolen by the invaders; it leads to a gateway for both Facebook and Whatsapp to read the conversations.


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