VIDEO: 'These mother-son will sell country to launch son', Sambit Patra attacked Congress in the debate; In response, Gaurav Vallabh told- 'Tadipar Party' …

Tensions between China and the Indian Army continue on the Ladakh border. However, to resolve this, talks are being done at military level from both the sides and efforts are on to end this as soon as possible. But political tension continues in the country amid tension on the border. During this time, a TV debate saw a heated debate between Bharatiya Janata Party national spokesperson Sambit Patra and Congress party spokesman Gaurav Vallabh once again.

During the News 18 program 'Ye Desh Hai Hamara', Sambit Patra said, “Rahul Gandhi speaks Prime Minister is scared, hidden.” Have met China. India surrendered. Meaning you will sell India for your two-pronged politics. ” Patra said, “What does the Prime Minister surrender mean?” Meaning India lost. Means the agreement has become Nama. The Indian Army has succumbed. I speak openly on your show today, these are Joe Chand. Rahul is Jai Chand & Company. Ask the spokespersons who come to them, has the army surrendered Galvan? ”

Gaurav Vallabh said, “Sometimes they become clowns and sometimes they abuse.” I just asked a question and you started abusing. ” To this Patra said, “The mental balance of these people has deteriorated. These people can also sell the country to launch the son. ” Responding to Patra's statement, Vallabh said, “Look, this kind of language is expected from the representative of the Tadipar Party.” Because when their former national president has been a native, he will come here and speak the same language. ”

Gaurav Vallabh said that I am asking questions for the 16th time. Tell whom did Donason take? Ramadhav Ji met whom in China. Whether the Chinese army entered the Galvan valley. Tell him how to get out.

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