VIDEO: The match in which the winning wrestler cried more than the loser, the fans were also emotional

Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair used to be the biggest names in the world of wrestling in the 1980s. Both these wrestlers have crores of fans around the world, who still keep a close watch on every events related to their lives. Ric Flair has worked with WWE in his career as well as wrestling companies like WCW, AWA. Ric Flair has been a WWE Champion 16 times and if he looks at the history of WWE, only John Cena has managed to do this feat. John Cena and Ric Flair hold the record for winning the WWE Championship the most times. Today we tell you about a match played by Ric Flair in which he won the hearts of the fans despite the defeat.

On April 30, 2008, in the 24th edition of Mania, Ric Flair was last seen officially fighting among the fans. A large number of spectators were present outside the ring to watch the match, cheering Ric Flair on every moment. The match between Michaels and Flair was started with the condition that if Flair lost the match, he would have to say goodbye to Wrestling forever.

During the match, the fans knew that at the age of 58, it was very difficult for Flair to win over Michaels. Michaels also slapped Flair strongly during the match. After which, Flair's mouth started bleeding. However, even after this slap, Flair kept trying to make a comeback in the match and the fans got emotional seeing his courage. Flair lost the match at Last, but Michaels looked more unhappy than Flair after the match.

Michaels apologized to Ric Flair and said 'I love you'. During this time tears were flowing from his eyes and he hugged and immediately got out of the ring. While the fans who came to watch the match also became emotional after seeing their superstar in the ring for the last time. In this way Ric Flair's 35-year long career came to an end.

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