VIDEO: Haseen Jahan did dance on 'conscious me na na do', people said – be like Riya Chakraborty

Indian cricketer Mohammad Shami and his wife Hasin Jahan have been apart for almost two years. However, the fans often talk about their relationship. One of the reasons for this is the social media posts of Hasin Jahan. Hasin Jahan is very active on social media. She often posts some videos or photos on Instagram. Fans talk about the relationship between him and Shami regarding these videos and photos. The latest case is also linked to a video by Hasin Jahan.

In the video Haseen Jahan has posted, she is seen dancing and having fun with her friends on the song 'Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo' from the 1986 film 'Jambaz'. The song was sung by playback singer Sapna Mukherjee in Jambaz. It was written by Indivar and music was given by Kalyanji-Anandji. This item song was filmed on Rekha in the film.

This post by Haseen Jahan is viral on social media. In the background in the video, 'One is less life, it is less youth, one is less alive, it is less youth, till youth in passion, till youth in blood, till youth in blood, as long as blood , Let me come to my senses, Pyaar do pyaar lo, pyaar do do, pyaar lo, o pyaar do, ho ho ho ho pyaar lo, 'The song is playing and Haseen is seen dancing and having fun with her friends. Hasin wrote in the caption of the video, Happy Friendship Day My Sweeties. He has also tagged #hasinjahan #hasinjahanfam #hasinjahanfun #hasinjahanentertainment #starhasinjahan #mirchihasinjahan.

People are making various comments on this video of them. Some people are writing a great deal of sarcasm. Some people have made such lewd comments, which we cannot even write here. However, some people are praising him and have advised to continue making similar videos and enjoy their lives in future too.

prince2487kumar wrote, 'Beautiful you should be ashamed. As a citizen of the country, it is the duty of every person to maintain social distancing and wear masks. You have neither applied a mask nor followed social distancing. Shame on you partying. Shame, shame. 'Rehanjilani3157 wrote,' Why are you making your garbage look like this … this youth is a few days later nothing will be found except repentance. 'Rahulrishuranga wrote,' …… , Be like Riya Chakraborty. '

akhilrao1952 wrote, 'Have fun…. Just be happy always like this. Love you beautiful mother. 'Aryan_xmx commented,' Keep it up. Let whoever you want to speak… anyone's life does not end, so enjoy your life… it is the work of the world to speak useless…. Let me tell you that Haseen Jahan accused Shami of cheating on him about two years ago. The two have been living separately since then. Shami's daughter Aaira Shami lives with her mother Haseen Jahan.

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