United Nations declaration approved, 50 countries signed

26 June History (History of 26 June): The day of 26 June has a special significance in the history of the United Nations. All are aware of the UN's global importance, its role in avoiding war, aid to weaker countries and its contribution to peacekeeping. This international organization formally came into existence on 24 October 1945, but its manifesto was accepted on 26 June of the same year and signed by representatives of 50 countries.

Surviving the fire of the future generations and protecting human rights under all circumstances were among the initial obligations of this organization, but as the time passed, the work and responsibilities of the organization expanded. Today, the organization, representing almost all countries of the world, is headquartered in New York.

A series of other important events recorded on the 26th of June in the history of the country and the world are as follows: –

1498: First tooth brush made in China. The first model of modern tooth brush was patented by the King of China.
1714: Spain and the Netherlands signed the Trade and Peace Agreement.
(1945: 50 countries signed the United Nations Declaration in San Francisco.
1949: Women got the right to vote for the first time in the Belgian parliamentary election.
1976: The CN Tower in Toronto, Canada was opened to the public. The 1,815-foot building was the tallest building in the world at that time, pushed by Dubai's Burj Khalifa to the second position in 2007.
1982: Air India's first Boeing aircraft 'Gaurishankar' crashed in Bombay.
2000: Bangladesh was granted full membership of the International Cricket Council.
2004: Pakistan Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali resigned.
2004: Famous filmmaker Yash Johar passed away.

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