Union Minister tweets news of villagers building bridges between lockdowns, people asked- What is your contribution?

Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh has hit the target of social media users after one of his tweets. In fact, he tweeted on Monday (July 13, 2020) that despite the lockdown in Arunachal Pradesh, locals are constructing a bridge over the Jeb Coro river in Upper Subansiri district. Singh shared three pictures with the tweet saying, “The hanging bridge had been swept away in the flood waters a few days ago.”

Social media users have expressed their displeasure over this tweet by Jitendra Singh, a minister in the central government led by PM Modi. By tweeting, a user even asked what is your contribution in this? Twitter user InkerNet @DILIPRONIN writes, 'What is your contribution to this ??? The government should apologize. '

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Dhirendra Singh @ Dheeren56308343 writes, 'You are in the government and you know that these people do not have a bridge. So far you have done nothing. When they built a temporary structure on their own, you are praising them. Sh && # @ should come. At least now a concrete bridge will be built for them.

Similarly, Shailendra Verma @shail_verma writes, 'This is good, but also reflects the state government's apathy on taking care of important highways and bridges.' Let Jitendra Singh, Minister of State and Prime Minister's Office of the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, The Minister of State is the Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space.

Jitendra Singh recently reacted to terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. He claimed that there was a stampede among the terrorists in Kashmir. The security forces are constantly behind them and are under great pressure for this reason. He said that the government led by PM Modi is firm towards the policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism and its results are also coming out.

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