Two dozen people died by drinking poisonous liquor in Punjab Government's vigil exposed – editorial: death business

The lesson of a tragedy should be that all possible measures should be taken to prevent or prevent it. But the irony is that to prevent such incidents, often due to the carelessness of the government, a government department has been deployed and the fact that negligence often leads to loss of lives. The death of nearly two dozen people after drinking poisonous liquor in three districts of Punjab has again proved that the government may claim to be vigilant at its level, but the reality of their implementation is something else. According to the news, at least twenty-four people died after drinking the liquor sold in several places in Amritsar, Gurdaspur and Tarn Taran districts. The first five cases of death were reported three days ago from Tangra and Muchhal village of Tarsikka in Amritsar. But in time, necessary administration was not taken from the administration. As a result, the death toll increased. Now the Chief Minister of the State has ordered a magisterial inquiry by the Divisional Commissioner of Jalandhar in this entire matter.

The question is why this kind of activism is not shown by the government and related departments in their regular duties! Why do the government and the administration sleep when a lot of people die because of their negligence? The sale of alcohol is a business that is generally claimed to be supervised by the administration. There are official announcements about the opening or closing of liquor shops. So how is it possible that in the meantime any brewer gets a chance to sell poisoned liquor. If the business of mixing poison in alcohol is not done in a planned manner, then what arrangement has been made for monitoring and checking it in order to make it? What is the responsibility of the enforcers, who are implementing the announced arrangements to stop the sale and purchase of liquor made by lawful or illegal means? How will the buyer of the liquor identify whether what he is buying has got the goods of his death?

First, all kinds of questions have been raised about the legal-illegal manufacture of liquor and its sale. In many states, a complete legal ban has been imposed on the purchase and sale of alcohol in view of people's health and other social effects. This is a separate problem and it is the failure of the government or administration that despite the ban, the sale of liquor continues through black marketing. But where its business operates in the legal realm, why is there gross negligence on this issue? It is not hidden from anyone that illicitly made adulterated, cheap or raw alcohol is usually consumed by the poor people. Because of this, hundreds of people die every year across the country. But hardly any action is taken by governments to stop such business of death. When there is a big incident of people dying, then the suspension and investigation of some officials are formally done in a hurry and after some time everything starts running again. How can the government and administration be expected to rein in the lethal business of alcohol?

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