Two-day delay in resignation to Nepali PM who moves against India, but the party is divided

The sword of resignation is hanging over Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. On Saturday, a meeting of the Standing Committee was to be held to remove him, which was postponed on one occasion. This postponed Ollie's future until Monday. It is believed that the party will give him an opportunity to take sides on his anti-India attitude and political activities. For this, the executive president of the Nepali Communist Party and the pompous lotus lotus Dahal 'Prachanda' of Oli himself will discuss them with him.

Significantly, the NCP meeting was to be held at 11 am today, but it was postponed at the last moment. Prachanda's spokesperson said that the chairman had given Oli time to discuss. It has been told that earlier also there was an unofficial meeting between Prachanda and Oli on Friday to save the party from any break. However, this meeting did not yield any result. After which today the 65-member committee of NCP was to decide on the future of Oli.

According to Nepali newspaper The Kathmandu Post newspaper, Oli has made it clear to Prachanda that he will not step down. He has said that he is ready to talk on any issue except his resignation. In order to save his chair, Oli has met the top leaders of the party and sought his support. Some of these leaders even reached office or home.

What is the dispute, why did the party president ask for resignation?
In 2018, KP Sharma Oli and Pushp Kamal Dahal announced the formation of the Communist Party. In May 2018, both reached an agreement that the two leaders would run the government for two-and-a-half years. However, according to a new agreement in November 2019, Oli was to run the government for a full five years, while Prachanda was elected to the post of party president for a full 5 years. However, in view of Oli's recent attitude, Prachanda has said that his job as PM of Nepal has not been good and Oli should resign. Also, returning to his old agreement of May 2018, Prachanda has demanded that he be made PM.

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