Trump called the players a 'threat' – if they opposed racism …

US President Donald Trump has indirectly threatened players, especially footballers, in the fight against apartheid. He has said that if players do not stand for the national anthem, they will not watch NFL (National Football League) or US Soccer (American Football) bouts. The NFL said last week that its players should be allowed to protest during the national anthem.

The US Soccer Federation also scrapped the players' standing requirement during the national anthem last week. He said that this policy was wrong and in opposition to the Black Lives Matter movement. The NFL is one of the most popular and important leagues in America. 7 out of 10 players participating in its teams are African-Americans. In 2016, Colin Rand Kaepernick sat down on his knees during the national anthem. By doing so, he had expressed his opposition to racism.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has also admitted that it was a mistake not to listen to the players' peaceful protest. Now they can sit on their knees during the national anthem before every match. Such a response has come from Trump only after the lifting of this ban. He has said that if players do not stand for the national anthem, they will not watch the NFL.

Matt Getz, a member of the Republican Congress, criticized the move to US Soccer in one of his reports. In response to that, Trump tweeted, “I am not watching anymore.” It seems that the NFL is also moving in that direction, but I am not seeing that either. '

On the other hand, English Premier League players have also joined the fight against apartheid. In the league, which started on Wednesday, footballer landed in place of his name wearing a jersey with the name 'Black Lives Matter'. Players will wear a similar jersey in the first 12 matches of the league. According to the statement issued by the players, this symbol (#blacklivesmatter #playerstogether) shows unity among all players, all staff, all clubs, all match officials and the Premier League.

On May 25, police in the city of Minneapolis, USA arrested black civilian George Floyd for fraud. Police officers handcuffed him. After this, lying on the ground upside down, his neck was kept pressed from the knee for about 9 minutes. This caused George to stop breathing and die. This was followed by violent demonstrations in more than 40 cities.

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