Transaction will also be great on GOOGLE PAY, just by showing fingerprints or face

Google Pay Biometric Authentication: On Google (GOOGLE PAY) users will now be able to transact by showing fingerprints or face. The company has added this feature to its biometric security app (2.100 version). Earlier, users could transact only through PIN entry.

According to a report by Tech News website Android Police, with this new feature, users will now be able to transact quickly, easily and with higher level of security than before. The company claims that this will make money transactions more secure than before.

Although pin entry was also better in terms of security, but one can make a dent in it as it can be predictable and cracked. Pin entry is also user friendly. The company recently added biometric authentication to Android 10, which has now been rolled out for the online payment system Google Pay.

According to Android Police, biometric authentication has been given only to transfer money. Customers using Google Pixel 4 smartphone can use this feature. However, Google is also planning to add this feature on Android 9.

At the same time, it is also not clear whether the users using the old version will also be able to enjoy this feature or not. Please tell that at the moment this feature is not available in India. Google Play India users will still transact through UPI PIN authentication.

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