TickTock gets Google's support after carryminati's protest, ratings boom

Youtube vs Tiktok: Tiktok has been in the news for the past few days. However, not for the right reasons. After a campaign to ban this Chinese app by Indian YouTuber Carrie Minati (carryminati), its rating dropped from 4.5 to 1.2 in just 5 days. Treated #bantiktok on microblogging site Twitter.

This was the first time since its launch in India that Ticketock's ratings fell so much. However, it has now reached 2.9 again. Google is behind its ratings rise. Actually, Google has removed more than 8 million reviews of TikTok from the Play Store.

According to the report, Google is deleting users' reviews to improve Ticketcock's rating. Internet data analyst and storyteller Nobert Alkies made two tweets in this regard on 22 May. It was claimed that Google is constantly deleting reviews to improve Ticketcock's ratings.

On 21 May, Ticketcock had 28 million reviews, which dropped to 27 million on May 27 and Ticketock's rating was 1.2 on 21 May. On May 27, this rating is reduced to 2.9. That is, Google removed about 8 million reviews, due to which Ticketcock's rating jumped unexpectedly and reached 2.9. However, the first Ticketcock rating is also 4.7.

In such a situation, the question of Carrie Minati's fans is bound to arise, why is Google deleting the reviews of Ticketcock. Experts also consider money as a reason behind this. Recently YouTube has deleted a video of Carrie Minati. To this, he has said that the terms and conditions are violated.

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When Deleting Carrie Minati's video created a ruckus on social media, Aamir Siddiqui's video was also deleted. Aamir Siddiqui is a Ticketock influencer. He posted a video on IGTV. In this, he made a comparison between YouTube and TicTalk. He told many such facts that YouTubers and their fans did not like.

CarryMinati, who challenged MS Dhoni, has more fans than Mahi, owns 27 crores at the age of 20

Carrie Minati released her video on YouTube after Aamir's video. In the video, he roasts Aamir Siddiqui. The video was viewed by over 60 million people and liked by over 10 million people. This video of him became the most liked video of India. However, YouTube removed it five days later.

Tiktok1 On 27 May 2020, TicTock's rating dropped to 2.9, while its reviews were reduced to around 20 million.

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