The issue of Kashmir had been going on since 1947 when Pakistan opposed the annexation of India by the rulers – second look: not the end of the tragic tale

Like other leaders, since June 5, 2019, neutralizing Article 370 of the Constitution of India, a politician 'under house arrest' without written orders says that 'Jammu and Kashmir is a big jail.'

The objective of Project J&K is to divide the state, reduce its status to Union Territory, bring these areas directly under the rule of the Central Government, suppress political activities, push seventy five lakh people of Kashmir Valley into subjection, And the separatists and terrorists were to be crushed. While all measures have been taken, no end has been reached, and in my view will never be reached under the policies of the existing system.
Former state

Let us look at some concrete facts (main source- Report of Forum on Human Rights in Jammu and Kashmir, July 2020)

– Between 2001 and 2013, the number of terrorist incidents had come down from four thousand five hundred twenty two to one hundred seventy and the number of dead (including civilians, security personnel and terrorists) decreased from three thousand five hundred fifty two to one hundred thirty five She had come. Since 2014, especially after 2017, the policy of rigidity and muscle power has increased the violence strongly. See table-

– The peak of the figures is that six thousand six hundred five (including one hundred and forty-four minors) were detained. Many, including Mehbooba Mufti, are still in custody. The stringent public security law was implemented indiscriminately and four hundred and forty-four cases were registered. The security of the politicians was significantly diluted and security removed from their homes, thereby ending their movement and political activities.

– There is an excessive concentration of army and central paramilitary forces in the valley. After neutralizing Article 370, thirty-eight thousand additional troops were deployed. Practically all the restrictions have been in force under Section 144 of the Criminal Penal Code for almost a year. After 25 March 2020, Purnbandi helped the administration to shut everything down. If something seems to be 'peace', it is what John Kennedy called 'cemetery peace'.

– All major fundamental rights are effectively suspended. Public Safety Act and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act are applicable. Large-scale daily siege and search (CASO) work is in place and movement is banned. The rights of all government commissions have been abolished. The new media policy is a clear admission that there is no place for free and fair media in Jammu and Kashmir and it sanctifies censorship.

– The cases of Mubin Shah, Mian Abdul Qayyum, Gauhar Jilani, Masrat Zahra and Safura Jafgar highlight the misuse of law and the difficulty in getting justice.

– Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry has estimated that since August 2019, there has been a loss of forty thousand crores rupees due to the shutdown in the Kashmir Valley and over four hundred ninety seven thousand jobs have been lost. There has been a steep decline in the number of tourists visiting the valley. In the year 2017, six lakh eleven thousand five hundred thirty four tourists came to the valley. In 2018, this number has come down to three lakh sixteen thousand four hundred twenty four and in 2019 to just three thousand nine hundred sixty nine. The fruit, apparel, carpet, IT, communications and transportation industries have been badly affected.

– The Supreme Court is yet to finalize and decide on public interest petitions challenging the constitutionality of the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act, the reinstatement of 4G services and the unlawful activity (Prevention) Act, and the dismissal of various human rights.

New Kashmir issue

The issue of Kashmir had been going on since 1947 when Pakistan opposed the annexation of India by the rulers. Pakistan got a lesson that it could not capture the valley through war with India. However, from August 2019, the new Kashmir issue has started. The issue of new Kashmir has many dimensions – constitutionality to nullify Article 370, reduce state status to two Union Territories, political and human rights abuses, destruction of economy, rise of terrorism, new domicile policy, people of the valley Dissociation completely, and now the dissatisfaction of any kind of administration in Jammu and Ladakh is emerging from the new domicile policy.
The rest of India contends that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India, but sadly, the agony of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is not at all concerned. Chinese incursions into Ladakh and China's axis with Pakistan have finally given sleep to the rest of India, but this is not enough.

Purnbandi in rest of India means that no one has to leave the house. Even in Purnbandi, the rest of India has freedom of speech and expression and access to newspapers, television, mobile phones, internet, hospitals, police stations, courts and elected representatives. During the Pundbandi in the Kashmir Valley, there has been Purnbandi denying rights. The rest of India should envision a complete ban without speech and freedom of speech and without access to newspapers, television, mobile phones, internet, hospitals, police stations, courts and elected representatives. Today this condition is there.

On August 5, 2020, the year will be completed, yet our Constitutional institutions – Parliament, courts and multi-party political system, which we are proud of, do not have the answers to the questions that will be created by creating the new Kashmir issue on August 5, 2019. Have left This is a sad failure and this sadness is further compounded by the fact that there is no Abraham Lincoln in front of us. Neither can we hear the voice shaking the conscience that this nation has to be given a new freedom and the government of the people, by the people, for the people, will not end from the earth.
Year ceasefire violation infiltration incidents Terrorist incidents Number of dead

2017 881 136 398 357
2018 2140 143 597 452
2019 3168 7 369 283
2020 646 Not Available 229 205
(June July)
Source: South Asian Terrorism Portal

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