Thailand begins trial after Oxford's failure to produce the Corona vaccine

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Vaccine Latest Update: Amidst the crisis of Corona virus, countries around the world have started making this epidemic vaccine. The corona vaccine created by American biotechnology company Moderna INC has raised a silver lining. The US company has been successful in the initial phase of vaccine trials. At the same time, an Oxford report has disappointed people. The vaccine trial at the Oxford Vaccine Project has failed at an early stage. This vaccine does not appear to have any significant effect on monkeys.

Among the eight people on whom the vaccine was used by Moderna INC, it was observed that the body developed immunity that is helpful in fighting the corona virus. Two doses of 25 and 100 mcg of vaccine were given among these eight people. In the meantime, it has been found that this vaccine develops protective antibodies in people who have been cured of the corona virus infection. Some of them have also seen side effects of the vaccine. For example, pain in some people, red spots and fever were also seen in some people where ejections were applied. After the creation of this vaccine, the company's stock increased by 30 percent.

Thailand also in race: Thailand is also involved in the vaccine race. Thailand has achieved success in the initial stage of vaccine making. The vaccine developed here was used on mice and has positive effects. Now in the sequel to its use, it will be used on monkeys. Thailand says that if everything goes well, in six to seven months, there will be success in making the Corona epidemic vaccine.
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