Star shooter's first posting in militant area, duty away from 1-year-old son

Shooter Jeetu Rai, who has won many titles for the country at the international level, said that he is always ready to serve the country as the Major of the Indian Army. Rai is currently serving in Manipur, one of the sensitive areas of Northeast India. The 33-year-old shooter took full knowledge of the area before reaching here. It was a month for Rai to join his regiment with the 11 Gorkha Rifles in the region. On social media, shares of Jitu are giving him many congratulations. For information, let us know that this region of the northeastern state has been affected by insurgency. In the days of crisis, Jeetu is doing his duty with all sincerity.

Recently, Rai gave an interview in which he shared many things about the problems of the surrounding areas of Manipur. He said, “Due to insurgency in the Northeast, we have to be guarded here all the time.” I am very proud of it. I am loving my job, how many people get such opportunities. “

As a Jitu military, Jitu is also keeping an eye on the activities happening on the India-China border. He said without hesitation that he would be ready to go there if the order was received. The shooter, who was awarded the Khel Ratna Award in 2016, said, “That's what the Subedar Major does. They lead teams where they play a key role. I am always ready to serve the Indian Army and my country. “

When Jeetu was asked if you are not afraid to do duty in insurgency zones. Then he said, he has no fear from anyone. He is living alone away from family. Jitu's wife and one and a half year old son, who is honored with Padma Shri, lives in Indore. Before the deployment, Jeetu also lived with his family, but at the moment he is giving his full contribution to the country.

Regarding the army job, Jeetu says, “I miss him a lot, but I have chosen to do what I am doing. I talk to him constantly and when I am allowed to take leave, I will go and meet him. ” The Olympian, who has won several titles, including World Championships, Asian and Commonwealth Games, said that he has fallen into his new job. He said, “I like it very much. I've visited the Northeast before, so I'm fine here. ” Shooting has become the second priority for him due to his passion for new work.

Major Jeetu Rai

He said, “For me, the Army is the first priority and shooting is the second for me. I however continue my practice and carry a pistol wherever I go. ” Asked on the poor performance of recent times, the shooter, who has won gold medals in several World Cups, said, “I have not done so badly and I am still in the national ranking of Air Pistol.

I am doing my best and I am confident that I will be able to do well again. ” Rai, who reached the final of the Rio Olympics, said, “I will work hard to return to the national team and will also aim for the Olympics.” Born in Nepal, Rai settled in India and joined the army in 2006.

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