Star Golfer Wins 152 Crore, Supported In Covid-19 Battle

In the war of Corona virus, many people have come forward to support the government in their respective countries. Many cricketers from the sports world and athletes from other sports have also contributed in their own way in the battle of this epidemic. Recently a charity golf tournament was organized to fight the coronavirus. Through this, US star golfer Tiger Woods won an amount of 20 million dollars (about 152 crores).

In this tournament, Tiger Woods took the field with his partner Phil Mickleson. The tournament also featured AFL quarterback legends Tom Brady and Peyod Manning. Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning have wins over Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson.

According to Woods' official website, Woods and Manning finally showed their passion in South Florida and won crores of charity money. Both these stars were ahead of Best Bal Porshan. Both maintained this lead until they won. However, the real winner remained the charity. Twenty million dollars were raised for Kovid-19. “

In an interview to the BBC, Woods said, “I salute Tom and Peytonen. This is our battle This is what we do to live. I can't do what they do by going on the field. ” The purpose of this charity tournament was to raise $ 10 million or more, but double the amount was raised from online donations.

Significantly, since March 12, golf tournaments have been postponed due to lockdown due to coronavirus. Even though people could not watch Charity Golf at the golf course, everyone enjoyed it on TV. Woods, along with his fellow golfer, won The Match Champion for Charity in this tournament.

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