sony tv show mere sai shooting had to be halted after crew member found covid-19 positive – Corona, crew member on Sony TV show 'Mere Sai'

The shooting of Sony TV's popular show Mere Sai had just started that it had to be closed again. Actually a crew member on the show set has been found to be Corona positive. According to reports from Pink Villa, shooting has been temporarily halted with immediate effect after the crew members were found positive. Also, the entire team of the show has been asked to stay in Quarantine for a few days. At the same time, the set has also been completely disinfected.

Pinkvilla, quoting 'Mere Sai' producer Nitin Vaidya, wrote that a member of the team has recently been found to be Corona positive. As per the government guidelines, the shooting of 'Mere Sai' has been stopped till 7 July. Nitin Vaidya has stated that although the person found positive was not present on the set. He has been systematically investigated. Those found positive have been admitted to the quarantine facility where they are being treated. Now his temperature and oxygen level are normal.

Nitin Vaidya further said about the necessary guidelines on the set that all the necessary guidelines were being followed. When the crew member turned out to be Kovid-19 positive, the set was completely disinfected. While taking the rest of the team members, the cast and crew members associated with the show are healthy. They have not come in contact with the infected person. We are happy that we work with a responsible crew members who understand the vulnerability of the epidemic.

Along with this, the website has said that two members of the Star Pravah show 'Sahkutumba Co-family' are Corona positive. According to the report, all the members of the 'Sahkutumba Co-family' team have been quarantined for 7 days.

Significantly, the state government in Mumbai has allowed shooting of serials and films with conditions. Meanwhile, shooting for several television shows has started and new episodes of these shows will also be aired from next week. Talk to Mere Sai Ki, its fresh episode will be aired on 13 July.

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