Sonia Gandhi attacked – farmers forced to celebrate 'Kali Diwali' in BJP government

Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday accused the farmers of not getting the right price for their crops and claimed that the farmers of the country are forced to celebrate 'Kali Deepawali' today due to the policies of the BJP government. He also said that the 'real rule' of the government is that the farmers get a fair price for their produce.

Sonia said in a statement, “The BJP government laid the foundation of deception as soon as it took power. He promised to give 50% of the profits to farmers as support price along with the cost. But year after year, the BJP government continued to benefit a handful of middlemen and hoarders and loot millions of crores of rupees from the Annadata farmers. '

He said, 'The question is why farmers are forced to celebrate Kali Deepawali on the day of Deepawali? In various mandis of the country, kharif crops are being sold at 8% to 37% below the support price. That is, the average selling rate of Kharif crops is 22.5 percent less than the support price. '

He questioned, “Total food production in Kharif 2019-20 is estimated at 1405.7 million tonnes. The way farmers in the mandis are selling at an average rate of 22.5 per cent below the support price, the farmers of the country will suffer a loss of about Rs 50 thousand crore. Who will make up for it? '

The Congress president claimed, 'More concern in future is fixation of support price of Rabi crops for the year 2020-21 as BJP government has increased Rabi crops by only four to seven per cent as compared to previous years'.

He alleged, “Farmers are not getting the right price for crops and the export of agricultural products is declining. Farmers are being double killed. ”Sonia said,“ Congress demands that this double exploitation of the farmers of the country should stop and they get the right price for their labor. This is the real government religion. '

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