Sachin Pilot's post removed from Rajasthan Congress headquarters, Rahul-Sonia knows the strategy

Posters of Sachin Pilot have been removed from the Congress headquarters of Rajasthan amidst political enthusiasts released in Rajasthan. This decision has been taken in view of the rebel attitude of Sachin Pilot. Let me tell you that Sachin Pilot did not reach the meeting of Congress Legislature Party held at CM residence on Monday, while a whip was issued for this meeting by the party.

Sachin Pilot has spoken of the support of 30 MLAs with him, while claiming Ashok Gehlot's government to be in a minority. However, more than 100 MLAs reached the Congress Legislature Party meeting and it became clear that it is not easy to topple their government in Rajasthan.

Sachin Pilot is currently staying at ITC Hotel in Nuh along with his supporters MLAs. At the moment, he is keeping distance from the media. In a statement on Sunday, Sachin Pilot had said that he was not going to join the BJP. However, two senior leaders close to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have stated that Sachin Pilot was in touch with the BJP.

Old photo of Jaipur Congress headquarters, showing the poster of Sachin Pilot. (PTI)

The Congress leadership is still busy persuading Sachin Pilot. It is being told in media reports that Sachin Pilot has laid some conditions to return. According to these conditions, Sachin Pilot wants four of his supporters to be ministers in the state government. Apart from this, Home and Finance Department are also wanted in their camp. Along with this, Sachin Pilot also wants the chair of the President of the State Congress Committee back. It is being told that Rajiv Satav will reach Jaipur from Delhi with this message from the pilot.

The problem for the Congress party is that after Jyotiraditya Scindia joined the BJP, she does not want to lose another prominent face of the party. Also, Sachin Pilot is a big name in Rajasthan and is a contender for the post of CM in future. In such a situation, the Congress would not like to let such a leader of such stature go out of his camp. This is the reason that every effort is being made to convince Sachin Pilot. The Congress high command is also being told to contact Sachin Pilot.

NSUI workers again put up posters of Sachin Pilot: The posters of Sachin Pilot were removed from outside the office of the State Congress Committee in Jaipur on Monday afternoon. The news of the removal of the poster soon went viral. Shortly after this, some NSUI activists reached the Congress Committee office carrying the banner of Sachin Pilot and raised the slogans of Sachin Pilot Zindabad by placing the banner on the railing near the gate. Congress leaders, while removing the poster of Sachin Pilot, clarified that the hoarding had become outdated and was feared to have fallen. Due to this, the hoarding was removed.

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