Rajasthan: What has happened to Amit Shah? All the time think how the government should fall – CM Ashok Gehlot

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has targeted Union Home Minister Amit Shah over the Rajasthan political crisis. On Friday, he has said that Amit Shah keeps thinking about the fall of governments thinking all the time. CM further said on Friday, if elected governments start falling in this way, then where will the democracy be left in the country? We are running a campaign to save democracy all over the country. Democracy survives, parties will come, governments will be formed, people will come, but what will happen to the country if there is no democracy?

CM, “I take the name of Amit Shah again and again because he comes to the forefront, even for Karnataka, also for MP, be it Goa, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, so I have to say in compulsion. What has happened to you Amit Shah? You think every night, every day, awake and asleep, how I should drop the government. “

According to Gehlot, “We all have a duty, every citizen has a duty … be it the judiciary, be it the legislature, the executive or the media, everybody's duty, the first thing is to save democracy. It becomes the duty of every citizen to come forward to save democracy, I want to appeal. ”

Explain that the Congress and its supporting party MLAs were sent to the border town of Jaisalmer on Friday, away from the capital Jaipur, amid fears of breaking the legislators in the political turmoil in the state. These MLAs along with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot reached Jaisalmer by a total of five flights.

Before leaving, Chief Minister Gehlot said at the airport, “Our MLAs were sitting here for a long time, being mentally tortured, so we thought of taking them to a new place. This will reduce the pressure on them, not too far, so we are going. “

Since the beginning of the current political tug of war in the state, MLAs of Congress and other parties supporting the Gehlot government have been staying in a hotel outside the city here since July 13. According to party sources, more than 100 people including MLAs have reached Jaisalmer.

Regarding the government business when the MLAs shifted to Jaisalmer, Gehlot said, “I myself will stay in Jaipur, most of my ministers will remain in Jaipur, will keep coming and going. But we will not compromise in administration. I am having a video conference every day about Corona virus infection. Orders are being issued daily, we have maintained the law and order situation. ” (With language inputs)

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