Questions arising on closure of MPhil

It has been decided to discontinue the MPhil curriculum in the new education policy. It has only one line written on the MPhil syllabus and that is, the 'MPhil syllabus will be discontinued'.

The policy does not state what the students who have done or are doing this course will do next. The government has not given any plans for the future of thousands of such students across the country. In such a situation, the future of these students has reached the darkness. Students who have done or are doing MPhil are questioning this decision only. He says that MPhil prepares students for PhD. Therefore this course should be continued. At the same time, former Vice Chancellors of various universities say that there is no need for MPhil syllabus. He says that while vice-chancellor, he wrote several times to the government to discontinue the course, but the government did not listen to him.

Sargam, who is doing MPhil in Sociology from Delhi School of Delhi University, says that the decision to abolish MPhil syllabus in the new education policy is absolutely wrong and this course should have been continued. He enrolled in this course only last year. He says that by doing this course, students are better able to do PhD. In other countries, in our country, postgraduate courses do not prepare the student for research. In such a situation, MPhil must continue in our country. Apart from this, he said that some people also want to do research without going to PhD. The PhD required up to five years, but such students could fulfill their research desire only by doing MPhil.

He says that having MPhil is very important to prevent dropout from PhD. Kaushal, who is doing MPhil, said that last year, the talk of closing MPhil had started but still he got admission in MPhil itself. He says that in a country like ours where there is a scarcity of resources for research. There is a great need for research courses like MPhil. Kaushal says that there are many inequalities in our society. In such a situation, the MPhil course gives students from those disadvantaged and backward areas to understand research. Kaushal says that till the environment of research is ready at the undergraduate and postgraduate level in the country, MPhil should continue.

Vikas, who has done MPhil from DU, said that MPhil is very important for social science subjects before PhD. He told that during MPhil he is told to test the source, use the collections and write the thesis. The student uses them during his PhD. Vikas stated that most of the students complete their PhD by doing MPhil whereas those who are directly enrolled in PhD have a lot of difficulties in completing this course. Vikas said that although MPhil is not going to be of any value in the recruitment of teachers in universities and colleges in the future as the University Grants Commission has set new rules for appointment and these rules will come into force from next year.

Prithviraj, who is doing MA in Hindi from DU, says that I am a bit nervous about the decision to discontinue MPhil. He said that I had filled the form for MPhil in many universities. He said that it becomes easier to enroll in PhD after doing MPhil but now we have to face troubles. He said that while research is increasing in the world, in our country research based courses are being reduced.

Academics said, students will save time

Former Delhi University Vice Chancellor Professor Dinesh Singh said that the decision to close MPhil is a good one. He said that this is a useless degree and I have always been on the side that MPhil should be discontinued. This makes students' time worse. He said that we had told the government many times that this course should be discontinued. But the government did not listen to us then. Professor Singh said that there is no need to impose MPhil to do PhD, who have to do PhD, they can enroll directly after MA.

Professor SK Sapori, former Vice Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University, supported the decision to discontinue the MPhil syllabus, saying it would save students many years. He said that in many countries this is not an MPhil course and even there, after graduation, students directly enroll in PhD. He said that even when I did PhD, there was no MPhil. The course was later started. Professor Sapori said that MPhil and PhD courses are connected in most universities. In this way, students are also not harmed by the closure of MPhil syllabus.

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