Punjab CM Amarinder Singh announced the postponement of final semester exams in all the universities and colleges of the state till July 15 – Punjab government …

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Sunday announced the postponement of final semester examinations in all universities and colleges in the state. CM has taken this decision due to the cases of COVID-19 epidemic that are continuously coming up in the state. They have decided to postpone the exam until July 15, responding to the concerns expressed by students and parents over the conduct of examinations amid the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the CM has also said that the final decision will be on the new guidelines or guidelines of the University Grants Commission (UGC), which may be issued at any time.

State Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said in a post released on Twitter, “In view of COVID-19, the announcement of postponement of exit classes in all universities and colleges till July 15 is being announced. Confusion needs to be cleared from the minds of students, teachers and parents regarding safe conduct of examinations. 'So now, due to the convenience and health of all, further dates will be set based on new guidelines coming from universities, UGC .

The Chief Minister is repeatedly pointing out that since all universities and colleges in Punjab are UGC accredited / Affiliated, any decision of examination can be taken only by the statutory body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The UGC had then announced that it would review the situation again. However, the decision regarding the conduct of educational activities, especially examinations, is still awaited from the UGC.

According to the guidelines issued by the UGC on 29 April, the universities of Punjab had decided to conduct the examination for exit classes in the month of July 2020. Earlier on 13 June, the minister said that the decision to conduct the examination in universities and colleges would be taken after 30 June, which would be in line with the new guidelines expected from the center.

According to the information and public relations department, the state government, 161 new infected cases of coronavirus have been reported in the state today and 5 people have died. The total number of infected cases has now reached 5216 in Punjab, out of which 133 people have also died.

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