PHOTOS: Footballer romancing on boat with wife, suddenly blood spills on deck

Sometimes in life there are such incidents that you pray for them not to happen again. A similar incident happened with former England footballer Peter Crouch and his model wife Abby Clancy. The former England striker has revealed this in Autobiography. 'I, Robot: How to be a Footballer 2' In this book named, Crouch mentions a 2009 incident. He has told how one of his love trips turned into a horror movie. It was his fate that he and Clancy survived, otherwise they would not have been alive today to tell this.

Crouch married in 2011 with model Clancy. The two dated each other for many years before marriage. In 2009, the two went on a holiday off the coast of Sardinia. Both were romancing on a boat and were living happy moments of their lives. Suddenly this romantic resort turns into a terrible life and death struggle. According to Crouch, the sun was falling on the boat. He and Clancy were enjoying champagne, when suddenly the weather took a turn and the anchor was uprooted. Crouch tried to catch the anchor, but she could not catch it.

Crouch and Clancy began to sweat. According to Crouch, a very strong wind was moving against the hull. Our boat started dancing. There were very large rocks near the beach. In an attempt to catch the anchor, Crouch's hand was soaked with blood. The blood was spilled on the deck itself. Everything had turned into a horror film. Crouch and Clancy were able to see the death clearly.

According to Crouch, he felt that we would die. We will hit the rocks. However, a miracle happened and a corkscrew was placed on the boat. At this, he grabbed the rope with the help of screwdriver and somehow saved his life. Crouch wrote in his autobiography that even today, as soon as he remembers the incident, his hair grows. They always celebrate that this should never happen to anyone but themselves.

Crouch began his professional career playing for Tottenham. He scored 22 goals for England from 2005 to 2010 in 42 matches. Clancy and Crouch are now the parents of two daughters (Sophia Ruby and Liberty Rose) and two sons (Johnny and Jack).

Abby Clancy with her daughters.
Abby Clancy with younger daughter Liberty Rose.
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy Peter Crouch and Abby Clancy.
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy Peter Crouch and Abby Clancy on a motorboat in 2009.
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy Peter Crouch and Abby Clancy were married in 2011.
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy Peter Crouch and Abby Clancy.
Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy Peter Crouch and Abby Clancy.

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