Perfections come from patience, from doing nothing

Vinay Bihari Singh
There is a story – the son of a sage returned home after completing his education from the ashram of a famous seeker. His father asked- What did you learn? The son said- I can walk on water. I can cross the river on foot. Father said- I cross the river by boat for two rupees, you spent five years for such a small task?

Son was amazed. The father despised what people respected him for. Father's second question was- did you ever know God during your practice? The son said no. So the father said – then your practice is meaningless. The father said that man is born to know God. Not to walk on water or show any miracle.

This story says a lot. Many people start cultivation from the beginning with the hope of miracles and when nothing happens, they stop practicing. That is why the famous book 'Yogi Kathamrit' (original name of the book – Autobiography of a Yogi) Paramahansa Yogananda has said – Sadhana is not a circus. Meditation deepens only when the mind and emotions are calm, immovable. 'So first of all, calm the mind.

It is true that success is successfully achieved in practice. It has been said by many saints. But for that deep meditation has to be done. The seeker who has attained perseverance in nirvikalpa samadhi can only be called siddha. Then he has the perfections, but he does not consider them important.

Is a very interesting phenomenon. The famous saint Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said to Swami Vivekananda at the very beginning (then he was known as Narendra) – I will give you all the achievements that I have. So Swami Vivekananda asked- Will these attainments reconcile God? Ramakrishna Paramahamsa said – no. So Swami Vivekananda said- “Then give these Siddhis to another person. Already knew the answer of high-quality saint Swami Vivekananda like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The words of saints are amazing.

Important is the continuity and depth of spiritual practice. Do not be distracted by heavy suffering or stress or troublesome practice. If the mind does not break its control, then that seeker is considered successful. Many people say how to bring the mind under control. Seems impossible. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna said to Lord Krishna. Then God replied – It is possible through practice and quietness. The meaning of disinterest is not to leave everything and go to the forest. Know from the mind that this world cannot give us true happiness and love. Everything here is transitory ie temporary. Only real happiness, joy and love will be found in God.

God has given the second necessary remedy – practice. Regardless of how the mind runs around, pulling it and focusing on God is the art, from which control can be found. It is not possible for a person who is drowning in deceit and condemnation. That is why many people say without trying – all these are things to say. Who does so much? It is very easy to say, know if someone does it. Those who say this are those people who meditated or chanted for a few days and then found that the mind becomes more fickle during meditation. Just leave the practice and take the initiative to condemn it.

Those who go into cultivation with determination, have succeeded. You can also be successful. A mixture of perseverance, continuity and devotion certainly leads to success in cultivation. It is certain. Yes, any miracle or accomplishment will have to be removed from the mind. One has to remember Paramahansa Yogananda – Sadhana is not a circus. Get into deep peace and stability and enjoy meditation.

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