'Patanjali did not apply for medicine for cough and fever, so license granted'

Coronavirus Covid-19 Tracker India News Live Updates: A record 3788 cases of corona have been reported in Delhi on Wednesday. With this, the number of infected in Delhi has crossed 70 thousand. At the same time, 2365 people have lost their lives from Corona in the capital Delhi. In India, cases of coronavirus infection are now increasing rapidly. Whereas two weeks ago the country was getting 10 thousand or less infected every day, now the figure has reached 16 thousand.

Jayaprakash Muliyil, one of the epidemiologists known for the increasing number of cases in India, has said that over time, about 50 percent of the country's population (about 67 million) will be affected by coronavirus. But this is not a concern and is predictable. Muliyil, the head of the Scientific Advisory Committee at India's National Institute of Epidemiology, said that the sooner the virus infects half the population of the country, the better it will be, because only then will herd immunity start in India and the country will be able to reverse it Will be the capacity. There is no other option to deal with it.

Muliyil said that coronavirus is not harmful to large population of the country. Only small population will be badly affected by this. However, Muliyil also said that up to 2 lakh cases can come to India every day till August. He said that there has not been a peak in India yet, but by August the cases will be the highest and then these figures will start to decrease.

Significantly, 15,968 cases of corona have been reported in India on Wednesday, which is a record of new cases in a day. At the same time 465 people have also died. With this, the number of infected in the country has reached 4 lakh 56 thousand, while the number of dead is more than 14 thousand. Meanwhile, the recovery rate of patients has also increased in the country. So far, the recovery rate in the country has reached 56 percent. Out of the total infected, 2 lakh 58 thousand people have been discharged.

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