Parents had saved 16 lakhs for treatment, son blew all the money to play PUBG

There have been many strange cases of addiction to online games, which has shocked people. One such case has emerged from Kharar in Punjab. There, a son blew 16 lakh rupees of his parents in Pabji. Due to PUBG i.e. 'Player Unknown Battle Ground' games, many youths have reportedly died in the country. It is being said that this boy also bought virtual ammunition, passes and cannons to master the game in a month.

According to The Tribune website, the son was told by parents that he was using mobile more for online studies. The 17-year-old (name withheld) had information on three bank accounts, which he used to upgrade the PUBG profile. He used the money withdrawn from the accounts for in-app purchases and also for his other colleagues. His parents got the information from the bank statement.

Her father (on condition of anonymity) said that he is a government employee. Also have been ill for a long time. They were about to use the saved money for treatment. The son wasted money. He has also withdrawn his mother's provident fund (PF) amount and some money from his account. He said, “I had saved money for my medical needs and my son's future. During the lockdown I was staying at the place of my posting. My son was living here with his mother. He used his mobile phone to conduct all transactions. The message about the amount withdrawn from the account was also removed. “

He said that the son had all the information. He withdrew money from the account in the name of the mother's kitty party. He said, “We did not know that he was using the account to play. Even the police cannot help us. Because my son has done this intentionally. He spent about Rs 2 lakh of his mother's PF amount. I put some money in his mother's lecture. More money was in my other account. He has done all this in some time. “

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