Pakistan cricket with Afridi, logo of his foundation will be seen on jersey

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is battling to find the main sponsor for the national team and the Pakistan cricketer will play with the Shahid Afridi Foundation logo on his jersey during the upcoming series against England. Former captain Afridi tweeted, 'We are delighted that the Shahid Afridi Foundation logo will be on the Pakistani players' kit as we are the charity partners of the PCB. Thanks to Wasim Khan and PCB for their continued support. Best wishes to our players for the tour. '

PCBs have also been affected by the corona virus epidemic. According to a PCB source, talks are on with a multinational manufacturer of beverages that has shown interest in signing a new team logo agreement but has offered a much lower amount than the marketing experts of the board expect. The source said that the company offered to give only 35 to 40 percent of the amount of the previous contract with the board.

Pakistan has to play three Tests and the same number of T20 internationals on the tour of England. The first Test will be played at Old Trafford in Manchester from August 5 to 9, while the remaining two matches will start at Southampton from August 13 and 21. All T20 matches between the two teams will be played at Old Trafford on August 28 and 30 and September 1.

The England team is currently playing a three-Test series against the West Indies before playing against Pakistan. The first match is being played at Southampton. England is the first country to host a Test match in awe of Corona.

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