Why Sage Hosting Is A Real Big Thing For Tech-Savvy Accountants and CPAs

The modern accounting world is the proof that technology accelerates every industry it touches. Whether it be data or relationship with clients, advanced accounting software is efficient enough to handle it all. Before the emergence of cloud technology, CPAs and accountants were handling their complex financial data on spreadsheets. But, it is hard for them to claim better… Read More »

Free Offshore Hosting – Without or Within Reach?

There are some who just love the sound of gratis. And then there are some who are doubtful of anything free. In the world of better bargains there are no in-betweens. When it comes to hosting, the bargains are bigger and better. Closer home, the field of hosting also plays by the rule and not exception. Free Hosting… Read More »

What Trading Psychology And Feng Shui Have In Common

I know, a weird title and an even weirder combination of subjects. Please bear with me for a second: I have traded since 2001. On my trading journey learned one big thing, which I call the unified theory of trading success. This thing is that absolutely everything is connected. Let me explain: Traders and humans at large are… Read More »

Why Trading As a Home Business Is the Best Option

At one point or another, we all dreamed of leaving our 9-5 job to have our own business. I had 2 very successful business in my lifetime. One as a college student selling handbags and women's accessories, which led me to leave college because I was making more doing that business than I would graduate from college. The… Read More »

How to Use Automated Stock Trading to Win in the Market

The traditional method of trading and investing in the stock market is quickly being replaced. Technology offers advanced approaches to helping you win in the market. If you want to reduce risk from a highly volatile market, then you can use automated stock trading to change the income. There are several available technology tools, all which allow you… Read More »

5 Forex Trading Tips You Should Know in 2019

This article will give you some fresh Forex trading tips. You are going to get 5 tips that may help you achieve success as a trader in 2019. If you are a new trader, this field can be a bit overwhelming for you. After all, not knowing the rules can not help you succeed. The good news is… Read More »

Smart Trading Options for Conservative Investors in 2018

When it comes to the stock trade for the conservative investor, there is no doubt we're talking about stock options. But, what exactly is a conservative approach to trading? And what techniques can the savvy investor utilize in 2018 to manage risk and ensure growth? We've outlined a few options that might be right up your alley: Covered… Read More »

A Forex Trading System That Really Works

Over the years Forex trading robots have flown the market with mixed results. Of course there is always the good few that work but unfortunately the majority will ever fail. In this article we are going to look at the possibilities with Trading robots, also known as expert advisors and find out if it is possible to have… Read More »

Exploring the Forex Trading System

Most people are familiar with the most basic form of Foreign Exchange Trading. They know that when you travel abroad, one of the first things you do after disembarking is to find the nearest place for currency exchange. Depending on the country you call home and the country you are visiting, currency exchange will leave you either richer… Read More »

Trading and Profit and Loss Account

Trading Account As already discussed, first section of trading and profit and loss account is called trading account. The aim of preparing trading account is to find out gross profit or gross loss while that of second section is to find out net profit or net loss. Preparation of Trading Account Trading account is prepared mainly to know… Read More »