Not yet forgotten the defeat of the World Cup, Ross Taylor said – Share the trophy when the match is tied

Senior New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor has said that a match in a 50-over World Cup tie should be shared between the teams as they believe that the Super Over is not necessary in the ODI format. Last year, England were declared winners after the match tie between England and New Zealand and the 'count of boundary' after the Super Over was also equal. The International Cricket Council (ICC) was severely criticized for this rule.

After this, the ICC had to change the rules, after which there is a provision to play consecutive super overs to determine the winner in the semi-finals and finals. But Taylor feels the trophy should be shared when the match is tied. Taylor told ESPNcricinfo, “I am still in a dilemma over super overs in ODIs. I think the one-day match is played for a long time and I have no problem ending the tie match as a tie. “

He said, “It is right to continue the match in T20 as in football or other sports to determine the winner but I don't think a super oper is necessary in one-day matches.” I believe United can be the winner. “

Taylor said, “During the World Cup I actually went to the umpires and I said that the match was good. I didn't know there would be a super over too. If the match tie is missed, it should remain a tie. I believe that you have to play 100 overs in ODIs and even then if someone still stays in the end then I think that tie is not a bad result. New Zealand's record in the Super Over has not been good. He lost the match on eight to seven such occasions in all formats.

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