Mumbai: FIR lodged against woman who wavered 'Free Kashmir' poster

An FIR has been lodged against others including Mahk Mirza Prabhu, the girl who waved a poster of 'Free Kashmir' (liberate Kashmir) during a demonstration in Mumbai, Maharashtra on Monday evening. According to media reports, this action has been taken against all these people for performing without permission.

In fact, there was a protest at the Gateway of India area in Mumbai over the violence that broke out on Sunday night at the JNU campus. Mehak raised his voice with a poster of 'Free Kashmir' in it. However, this led to criticism from social media to the street.

The former Maharashtra Chief Minister and senior BJP leader had raised the question that in this demonstration why the slogans and posters of Kashmir independence? What is this performance for?

Mehak said in clarification that he had no other intention to do so. She only wanted to raise the issue of restrictions imposed in Jammu and Kashmir. However, she further stated in the video posted on Facebook, “Around seven o'clock, I reached the Gateway of India. There was a demonstration. Like those who believe in democracy, I also became a part of it. We stood there in support of JNU students. “

“I saw a lot of people protesting against the NRC, CAA and supporting JNU students by writing slogans and talking placards.” In the meantime, there was a poster written in free Kashmir, which on my mind came up with the basic constitutional rights of Kashmiris. ”

He also claimed that he is not a Kashmiri. She grew up in Mumbai and is a story by profession. According to Mehak, “I stood quietly on the shore with flowers in hand. That is, we want peace towards each other. That was my intention in the midst of the entire performance, while the meaning of things is being taken absolutely wrong. ”

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