Match at the empty stadium between Corona: The participation of players and officials sitting on the bench

The referees are easily listening to the words of the players and team officials sitting on the bench of the Football League Siri A match being played without spectators. Four coaches have now been punished for rude behavior during two rounds of matches after the league's return to the empty stadium. Coaches who were sentenced off the bench during the match include Gian Piro Gasparinini (Atlanta), Antonio Conte (Inter), Simone Enzagi (Lazio) and Giuseppe Ichini (Fiorentina).

Third choice Tommaso Berney as Inter Milan's goalkeeper was also removed from the bench for showing wrongful displeasure during Parma's match on Sunday. In addition, Kagliari, an assistant coach for Juventus and sports director of Brescia, is also among the officials to be sentenced to be removed from the bench. Siri A referee director Nicole Riljoli said, “We are not against anybody. We need to remember that we are part of the global game. Rules should be the same in Italy and around the world. It is not being discussed at the moment. “

Significantly, all the activities of the game were stopped due to the corona epidemic for the last three months, but recently in some countries football, golf and cricket are being held in some stadiums. Some people associated with the game are justifying playing in an empty stadium, while some are against it.

On the previous day, Mahan bowler expressed his reaction to the match being played in the empty stadium. He said, “Entertainment in any sport is determined by the level of play of that game, not by what is happening in the stand.” Holding spends most of his time in the UK, he cited the example of English Premier League matches that his quality did not matter despite being played in an empty stadium.

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