Map on the plains surface in Galvan, written in Mandarin – China, 186 tents and shelters also deposited – Revealed in satellite photos

China is not deterring its habits in the Galvan Valley of Ladakh amid a round of talks with India on the LAC dispute. China has built a large number of bases in the Pangong Lake area. Not only this, in the Mandarin language, 'Dragon' has written China on the plain surface, while also making a map of his country. These things have come to light through the recent satellite photos of Galvan.

This sign is clearly understood in these photos found on English news channel NDTV from 'Planet Labs'. In such a situation, it is believed that it has been made there in very large size. Based on the pictures, the English Channel reported that the sign is between the Finger 4 and Finger 5 area, which is about 81 meters in length and 25 meters in width.

According to the report, China has built at least 186 tents, huts and shelters of varying sizes in the disputed area in Galvan. A pier was also seen in the photos along the river / lake. Not only this, Chinese manufacture also appeared in Finger 4 area.

Actually, the area with pointed rocks in this area is called 'Fingers'. These are spread around Pangong Lake at high altitude. India believes that it has the right of patrolling from Finger-1 to Finger-8, while China claims that it can do petrol from Finger-8 to Finger-4.

At present, Finger-4 is a border-like area between the two countries, where Indian troops were stopped from petroling in May, after which there was a scuffle between the soldiers of the two countries and some jawans were also injured. The PLA soldiers then attacked with wire-wrapped donkeys and bats.

Let me tell you that earlier this week a photo of Wong Hsiang, the overall commander of the Chinese forces in Tibet, was seen in which he was seen painting around the Indian-China border where he wrote 'China'.

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