Manchester City win on court, ban lifted from participating in Champions League

Manchester City's successful lifting of the ban on participating in the Champions League on Monday has deepened the rivalry for the last two teams to qualify for Europe's top club tournament in the English Premier League (EPL). The top four teams from each league participate in the Champions League. Liverpool and City have already qualified, while Chelsea, Manchester United and Leicester City have been tightened for the remaining two spots. Even Wolverhampton Wanderers and Sheffield United are in the race for a place in the top four.

Had the city ban continued, the fifth-placed team would have also qualified for the Champions League. Leister would be the team most concerned of these. She had been in the top four since September but has won only one of the six matches since her return to the league and meanwhile she only managed six points to slip from third to fourth place.

They suffered a 4–1 defeat to Bournemouth, who were on the verge of a second division loss on Sunday and if Manchester United beat Southampton in their next match, Leicester will slip to fifth place. Chelsea are currently third with 60 points from 35 matches, while Leicester has 59 points from as many matches.

United have 58 points from 34 matches and a win in the next match will take them to third place. The Wolves have 55 points and Sheffield 54 and are also in the race for the top four.

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