Lokpal allowed Rajat Sharma to step down as DDCA President

The Lokpal Justice (Retd) of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) Badar Durej Ahmed on Friday approved the resignation of senior journalist Rajat Sharma as DDCA President. He did not accept it for about two weeks. Sharma resigned on 16 November citing 'considerable pull and pressure' within the organization. Ahmed resigned his resignation a day later, but finally accepted it after the senior journalist again requested. Sharma told PTI, “I wrote to him this morning and requested him to relieve me of my responsibilities. In his letter to Ahmed, Sharma has written that he cannot remain in an organization where there is a state of 'chaos'.

He wrote, “I resigned from the post of DDCA president on 16 November and I have explained the reason in my letter. I however remained in the post respecting the directions of the Lokpal and which was later reiterated by the High Court. However, the situation in DDCA is completely chaotic and in such a situation it is impossible for me to continue as the President. Sharma's nearly 20-month tenure was full of ups and downs. In the meantime, differences with his general secretary Vinod Tihara surfaced publicly. Tihada has good support in the organization.

Tihara had won the DDCA election from the Sharma faction but within a few weeks differences arose with the president over issues related to his cricket and administrative activities. It also includes the charge of controlling the reserves without following the protocol. Tihara was suspended by the Executive Committee in a disciplinary case which he challenged in court. Sharma wrote in a letter to Ahmed, “It is impossible for me to work with those who do not respect the Lokpal or High Court or the Constitution.”

CEO Ravi Chopra also resigned a few hours after Sharma's resignation on 16 November. Two members of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), Sunil Walson and Yashpal Sharma, also stepped down. A day later, Ahmed had ordered Sharma to continue in the post and stayed the restoration of suspended general secretary Tihara. Ahmed said on Friday, “It is clear that Rajat Sharma is not keen on being the DDCA president.” The entire controversy regarding his resignation is now over. “

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