Lockdown teaches new techniques to hockey players

Indian women and men's hockey teams have learned many new techniques by following social distance that they need in indoor practice during the Corona lockdown. Both teams are at the Sports Authority of India center here since the game has been closed since March due to a nationwide lockdown.
The coaching staff is also at this center, but due to social distance rules, teams are submitting their work on it using various apps.

Savita, vice-captain of the women's team, said, “Earlier, these apps were used by the coaching staff to decide the activities of the week which were later shared with us.” She said, “During the lockdown at the SAI center We are using Google Docs and Google Farms to submit our work and data, following the rules of social distance.

“This is then discussed in a video call from the head coach or scientific advisor,” he said. Now the use of Google Meet or Zoom has become common in team meetings and team conferences. Harmanpreet Singh, vice-captain of the men's team, said, “Our support staff is on the same campus but we use the zoom call for personal meetings that talk about diet, match analysis, etc.”

“Also, there are team meetings on Google Meet,” he said. We have learned all this in lockdown. We can also keep in touch with family, friends and fans. “The team is awaiting standard operating procedures and further guidelines from the Sports Ministry and SAI for the resumption of practice. .

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