Locals attack NGOs with the help of street dogs! VIDEO became the object of statement

The incident of a fight with NGO members for helping stray dogs has come to light in Rani Bagh, Delhi. Ayesha Crustenia, who runs an NGO named 'Neighborhood Woof', says that she had reached there with her colleagues to help some stray dogs in Delhi's Rani Bagh. During this time the local people beat him up. Ayesha has told herself by releasing the video on Twitter in a bloody condition.

Ayesha in blood-soaked clothes says, I am standing in Azadpur police station. While we were rescuing some dogs, we were beaten up by locals. We always have to suffer like this and be silenced. This time we decided to raise our voice, then this was done to us.

She is also showing her companions in the video who have been assaulted. His car has also been damaged. Ayesha says that now this routine is done. While staring at the police, she says that the police are not even listening to us. Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Women's Commission, has taken cognizance of the matter. He said that it is quite a shameful incident that someone is helping the innocent and they are being attacked in this way. Maliwal said that the Women's Commission is in constant touch with Ayesha.

The police has registered an FIR in this case. Police say that the people of the NGO were questioned about them by the local people. During this time there was discord among these people. When the NGO's people tried to escape from there, some people present there were hit by a car and three people suffered minor injuries. The matter is under investigation.

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