Liverpool created history, won the Premier League title with 7 matches remaining

England's football club Liverpool have won the English Premier League title. On Thursday (25 June 2020), Chelsea beat Manchester City 2–1 in a late night match. The win paved the way for Liverpool to become champions. He has 86 points in 31 matches. Manchester City, ranked second, has 63 points from 31 matches and cannot win champions even after winning the remaining seven matches.

The tournament was halted in March due to coronavirus. Liverpool's team were then 25 points ahead of Manchester City. The tournament resumed on 17 June, but matches are being played at the empty stadium. Liverpool's team managed to win England's first-tier tournament after 30 years. The last time he won the Football League First Division tournament title in 1989–90. The English Premier League began in 1992 and Liverpool were yet to become champions.

Liverpool's team have managed to win England's first-tier tournament for the 19th time. In this case, he is second behind Manchester United. Arsenal's team 13 and Everton's team have won England's first-tier tournament 9 times. Liverpool are the first team to hold the title with 7 matches remaining. Earlier in 1907-08, Manchester United's team won the Football League First Division tournament with 5 matches remaining.

Talking about English Premier League, Manchester United won the title in 2000-01 and Manchester City in 2017-18 with 5-5 matches remaining. This is the first time a team has become champion in June. Liverpool coach Georg Klopp has become the first German manager to win a first-tier tournament in England. During his stay, the team also won the Champions League in 2018-19.

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