Kajal Raghavani Bhojpuri music director Dhananjay Mishra death said a lot of thought to do work after lockdown – Bhojpuri music director Dhananjay Mishra's …

Bhojpuri Film Industry's famous music composer Dhananjay Mishra died at 7 am on Thursday. The entire Bhojpuri film industry is shocked by his death. At the same time, actress Kajal Raghavani is in a state of shock after her death. Kajal Raghavani has posted a video on her Instagram in which she has expressed her sorrow.

We will always remember you. God bless your soul. And be happy wherever you are. And may your family dare to recover from this hour of grief. Kajal Raghavani said during this time that now she will not be able to come live for a few days.

Kajal Raghavani said that good people leave very quickly. Do a lot of work with you after this lockdown. Thought a lot but everything remained incomplete. But we know you will always be together. Kajal further said that through every song you will always be with us.

According to media reports, Dhananjay Mishra suddenly started bleeding from the mouth after which he died. He was a resident of Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh). And were quite close to Nirhua. Nirhua expressed surprise at the news of his death. Paying tribute to the composer, he wrote, “Ever since the sad news has been received, his voice has been echoing in his ears…. I am shocked, silent.

Dhananjay Mishra composed Manoj Tiwari's most popular song Rinkea's Papa Song. Many hits from Manoj Tiwari to Pawan Singh, Nirhua and Khesari Lal have Dhananjay Mishra unleashing the magic of his music. Dhananjay Mishra gave the music in Chola Deb in Khesari Lal's hit song Doli. Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey's hit song 'Anjor Kare India Me' was also decorated with music by Dhananjay Mishra.

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