James Anderson is the only bowler who does 'reverse' reverse swing: Sachin Tendulkar

India's veteran batsman Sachin Tendulkar believes that James Anderson is the only bowler who can put a 'reverse outswinger' in which his wrist position is similar to a traditional inswinger. Tendulkar named it 'reverse' reverse swing. On his 100 MB app with West Indies legend Brian Lara, Tendulkar explained why Anderson was important to England in the first Test cricket match against the West Indies at the Aegis Bowl.

Tendulkar told Lara, “Jimmy Anderson is probably the first bowler in reverse swing to reverse reverse swing as well.” In simple terms, for a right-handed batsman, in the traditional swing, the bright part of the ball is outward and the rough side is inward. In the case of a reverse outswinger, the movement of the ball is changed, meaning that it goes outward for the right-handed batsman but the bright part remains outward but the wrist position is different in both cases.

According to Tendulkar, when he looked at Anderson's wrist position, he saw him doing a reverse outswinger, which had the same wrist position as the traditional inswinger. They had never heard of this before. Tendulkar said, “I have experienced many times that he catches the ball as the outswinger wants to do but when he leaves the ball he tries to bring the ball in.” “Most batsmen look at the position of the wrist and what it actually does,” he said. He will show you that he is doing the inswinger but the imbalance between the two sides of the ball will lead him out. “

Tendulkar said that by rapidly changing his wrist position, Anderson forces the batsman to hit the shot.
He said, “What he does is prepare you to play inswinger and when the ball crosses more than half the pitch, then he starts coming out of you.” But you are ready to play the shot because you have seen the state of inswag and it was new for me. Nobody does that. “

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