IT employees will now be able to 'work from home' till 31 July: Union Minister announces

In the wake of the Corona virus crisis, the central government on Friday approved the employees of IT companies to work from home till 31 July. The decision was announced by Union Information and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad during a video conferencing meeting with ministers and officials last week. He told the rest of the ministers during this time – Now work from home should become a new paradigm.

By the way, concessions for VPN Norms till 30 April were made earlier. Since these were now extended till 31 July, this move of the Center will provide a lot of help and relief to the IT sector and BPO companies in this crisis period.

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Work from home can increase even more News agency IANS quoted a government officer as saying – Union minister Prasad has agreed to the request of CN Ashwath Narayan, deputy CM of the state, in which he has asked thousands of tech workers from the center to work from home till July 31, 2020. Had asked to approve However, this can be extended even further by March 2021.

The system can be brought on track: It is believed that this step will gradually bring employees back to work in a phased manner in IT offices. According to estimates, currently about 90 per cent of IT employees and 70 to 80 per cent of BPO and small and medium-scale businesses in the IT sector are working from home.

This decision of the government has come just before the announcement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which he announced the implementation of the third phase of lockdown in the country. Actually, the lockdown (first) was supposed to be lifted on 31 March, but it was extended to 15 April, given the circumstances. This was later extended to three May and then extending to two weeks, until 17 May.

Why is this expansion important for Karnataka ?: Karnataka is also known as the Tech Hub of India in India. In such a situation, Karnataka had asked thousands of IT companies in the state to implement policies related to work from home even before the earlier lockdown.

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