Instagram closed this stocking app, violated social media rules

Facebook's brand and photo sharing platform Instagram is going to shut down an app called Like Petrol for violating social media rules. People who have downloaded that app, the app used to inform those people about the activity of other users.

According to the CNET report, Instagram has sent an order to stop the app for violating its rules. After this, it is expected that Like Petrol will not be able to collect data and publishers will have to close the app.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNET, “We take action on companies involved in violating our policies. Like the petrol was stealing users' data, we are taking appropriate action against it.”

Earlier in October, Instagram ended its following tab. This tab used to provide information about the posts and accounts with which his friends are associated. Instagram has also recently brought a new twist called Restrict which will be able to ban users who make objectionable comments against them.

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Published: 04 Nov 2019 02:30 PM

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