Indian student Kshama Sawant became the new face in America against apartheid

46-year-old Indian-American software engineer Kshama Sawant in America is emerging as a new face against apartheid and racism. He is a pioneer in leading 'black people's lives matter' protests in Seattle. These protests are taking place in the core area of ​​Seattle, which is now being called the 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Region (CHAZ)'. The barricades are being done to keep the city police officers out of the area permanently.

According to Fox News, Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant is encouraging activists to keep police out in the area. Protests have been taking place in the US since the death of George Floyd, a black American man in police custody in Minneapolis. The standoff between the protesters and the police has been going on for several weeks.

Born in Pune, Maharashtra, Sawant has appealed to the protesters to consolidate their hold in the six-block area, which they have declared a 'no coop', a police contested area.

Kshama Sawant tweeted, “Our movement should ensure that it is not given back to the police of the Eastern Province and it also needs to be ensured that it is permanently converted into an area under community control.” My office is bringing a bill to make the Eastern Province a community center for restorative justice (a system where criminals interact with the victim and the community to find ways to improve it).

On Tuesday, he took part in a demonstration in which the police were asked to 'defunct' (cutting the police budget and use that money to provide education, health, housing to the people). Hundreds of protesters took part in it. During this time he allowed the protesters to enter the city hall. During this period, the protesters also demanded the resignation of Mayor Jeannie Durkan.

Kshama Sawant, born in 1973, grew up in Mumbai. He studied computer science in 1994 from the University of Mumbai. Sawant moved to the US after marriage and later decided to leave computer engineering. He then earned a master's degree in economics from North Carolina State University. She joined the Socialist Alternate in 2006 and became the Council Woman in 2013.

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