'Indian craze is not good', Afridi gave a befitting reply by Indian opener

Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has claimed that Indian players apologized after the defeat against Pakistan. He said that the Pakistani team has given a good ruckus to the Indian team. Every time after Dhunai, the players of Team India used to apologize. Afridi's statement provoked former India opener Akash Chopra. He attacked the former Pakistani captain and said that misunderstanding is untreated. The craze for India is not good, leave it.

Akash also joked about Afridi's repeated retirement. He said, “Retirement was a word. You can retire. Shahid Afridi popularized the term un-retirement. Pakistan's team used to be good earlier. Still good. But Afridi was not in that team. His performances during Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram and Saeed Anwar were excellent. Things had changed since Afridi started playing. During his stay, Team India won 5 Tests, lost 5 Tests. Won 39 ODIs and lost 41. Nobody apologizes for losing twice more. “

Akash further said, “India won 7 out of 8 T20s and only one Pakistan could win. Pakistan's team used to play well in this format. What Afridi said was not reversed here. He wanted to say something and gave something else. Snake bites are treated but misunderstandings are not treated. At the time of Afridi, everything was equal and the pan was the weight of the Indian team. “

He said, “India beat Pakistan 6 times in the multinational tournament in the last 5 years. Had to face defeat in just one match. India had to face defeat in the final of Champions Trophy. You are saying that the Indian players used to apologize, but unfortunately in the T20, the Pakistani team would have done so. There was a case of equality in ODIs and Tests. The craze is not good for India. “

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