Indian athlete forced to starve in lockdown, father sick, mother unemployed

Nagpur's mother Prajakta Godbole's mother is unemployed due to Kovid-19 lockdown while her father was paralyzed some time ago due to which she is facing hunger and does not know if she will get food next time. Twenty-four-year-old Prajakta lives with her parents in the Sirasupeth slum in Nagpur, she represented the Indian University in the 5000 meter race of the World University Games in Italy in 2019, taking a time of 18: 23.92 but she was a finalist. Could not qualify for the round.

Tata Steel finished second in the Bhubaneswar Half Marathon at the start of the year with a time of 1:33:05. His father Vilas Godbole first worked as a security guard, but he was paralyzed after an accident. Prajakta's mother Aruna worked as a cook and earned 5000 to 6000 rupees a month, which was the only means of running her house. But due to the lockdown, if marriages are not happening, then they are also facing trouble for raising food for June 2.

Prajakta said, “We depend only on the help of the people nearby. They give us rice, lentils and other things. That is why we have something to eat for the next two-three days but do not know what will happen next. This lockdown is proving very cruel for us. “She is not even thinking about training because I don't know how I will survive in these circumstances.” Life is very difficult for us. This lockdown has ruined us. “

Prajakta says that she does not know what to do in these circumstances and whom to ask for help. He said, “I don't know what to do, my parents can't do anything. We can only pray that this lockdown is over. We are just waiting for it. He said that he did not seek help from any athletic officer at the district or state level.

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