'India knows how to play friendship, so give an eye and answer it', Ladakh said on stress

PM Narendra Modi Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the countrymen today through his Mann Ki Baat program. Targeting China through the program, the PM said that the country is also dealing with the challenges being faced by some of our neighbors during the crisis that has been caused by the global epidemic to mankind so far. The Prime Minister praised the courage of the Indian soldiers posted on the border and said that those who raised their eyes on the land of India in Ladakh have received a befitting reply. India knows how to maintain friendship, it also knows to look in the eyes and give appropriate answers. Our brave soldiers have shown that they will never let the pride of Mother Bharati come on.

The PM said that while appealing to the countrymen to unite, no mission can be completed or successful without public participation. Your determination and dedication towards self-reliant India is also necessary. If you buy local and be vocal for local, then you will be making the country strong. This is also a service to the country. Whether you are in any profession, everywhere, there is a lot of scope of service. Realizing the need of the country, whatever work is done, it is the service of the country.

Suggestions to the public on the effect of corona and monsoon: This is the first time the Prime Minister has spoken to the public since the announcement of Unlock 1.0. This time he also spoke on the rising case of the Corona epidemic and the impact of the monsoon. He said that everything else Among things we also have to keep in mind that many diseases occur during the monsoon season. CoronaWe have to stay away from them in the era. Ayurvedic medicines, decoction, hot water, keep using them and stay healthy. The PM also gave further ways to prevent diseases.

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