In 1975, the press was banned for the first time on this day.

28 June History (History of 28 June): The month of June will be remembered for centuries in the political history of India for the Emergency. Within two days of the proclamation of emergency, the activities of political opponents and agitators were not only guarded, but this was also the first time in independent India when the government imposed restrictions on the press.

The situation was that news published in newspapers was censored and before the printing of newspapers, the government was banned. During the Emergency, 3801 newspaper declarations were confiscated. 327 journalists were shut down in Misa and 290 newspaper advertisements were discontinued.
The situation worsened so much that news-representatives of Time and Guardian newspapers were asked to leave India. Telex and telephones from other agencies, including Reuters, were cut.

A series of other important events recorded on the date of June 28 in the history of the country are as follows: –
1651: Beresteco war between Poland and Ukraine begins.
1776: American Revolution: Sullivan Island War ends with American victory.
1787: Sir Henry G., who led the British-Indian Army. W. Birth of Smith.
1838: Birth of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.

1838: Victoria becomes Queen of England.
1846: Adolf Sachs patented the instrumental sexophone.
1857: Nana Saheb declares himself Peshwa in Bithoor, calling for the British to be uprooted from India.

1894: Declared an official holiday in America on Labor Day.
1902: US Parliament passes the Spooner Act, authorizing President Theodore Roosevelt to acquire the Panama Canal from Colombia.
1914: The assassination of Austria's Archduke Franz Ruffidanand and his wife Sophie in Sarajevo became the immediate cause of the First World War.

1919: Treaty of Warsaw signed.
1921: Former Prime Minister of India P.V. Birth of Narasimha Rao.
1926: Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz merge two companies to form Ramsdige-Benz.
1940: Birth of Mohammed Yunus, a Bangladeshi economist and Nobel Prize winner.
1950: Korea War: Murder of about one to two lakh people in 'Bodo League Massacre' suspected of having soft attitude towards leftists.

1975: In the backdrop of anti-government protests during the Emergency in India, the Center implemented the most rigorous press censorship since independence.
1981: China opens the way to Kailash and Mansarovar.
1981: Huge bombings in Tehran, 73 Islamic Republican Party officials were killed.
1986: Agreement with Mizo National Front, Lal Danga becomes Chief Minister of Mizoram.

1986: Central government enacted a law to provide maternity leave to unmarried girls too.
1995: Madhya Pradesh was declared a 'Tiger State' to protect and shelter tigers from predators.
1996: India opens its mission in Palestinian controlled Gaza City.

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