'I haven't played for a long time, body aches,' said Olympian Sardar Singh

Sardar Singh, former captain and star playmaker of the Indian hockey team, believes that the players going to the Olympics should start practicing on the field in small groups as it will take time for the body which has been away from the field for nearly two months.

Sardar, who was one of the most fit players in Indian hockey, said in an interview to the language from his village Santnagar, “Olympic going players should start practice but special care should be taken to ensure health facilities at the practice center. Players will have to convey everything honestly to the coaches, for example, if someone has any physical problem, they do not come on the field. “He said,” After the corona virus epidemic, the games are going to change completely and in such a situation they will follow the social distance. Have to start the practice.

Indian men and women hockey teams have been at the Bangalore Sports Authority of India since March 24 due to the nationwide lockdown implemented after the Corona epidemic. On Thursday, the players requested Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju to resume the practice in the online meeting. Rijiju assured them that the practice would be restored once the standard operating procedure was prepared.
Sardar, a member of the standing committee of the Asian Olympic Council, said, “The players are doing workouts and so on but will be desperate for training on the field.”

Big tournaments come after four years and everyone has to perform well, only then will the team win. The Indian team is consistently playing well and the rhythm has to be maintained, ”he said. He said that players can start practicing individually in groups of three fours as time is running out and it will take time to regain the rhythm.

Sardar, who returned from playing the league in Canada before the lockdown, said, “If I have not played hockey for so many days, body ache has started. In such a situation, if you stay away from practice, the rhythm will not be found immediately. It is an unprecedented time that it has been 45 days even while running on the field. ”The midfielder, who has played 314 matches for India between 2006 and 2018, said that the Tokyo Olympics were postponed to India. Got extra time for which one should take full advantage.

He said, “The players must have prepared the practice blueprint for the best performance at the time of Olympics but now have to start from zero. The situation is the same for all the teams but now there is extra time for preparation, so we can improve by working hard on our own game. “At the Rio Olympics 2016, Sardar, who was the captain of India, said,” In the camp, we will be training in the evening. We are busy in meeting but there is still time to think. Not being overloaded on four or five players, all became match winners. Focus on your game and fix the shortcomings, I would recommend it. “After a long time Sardar, who is spending time in his village in Sirsa, Haryana, his brother and former player Started practice with Didar Singh on the grounds of Namdhari Academy where in 2014 the Astro Turf took place.

He said, “In the school where we were studying, now again I and Didar are practicing yoga. Namdhari Academy has around 100 under-14 and under-17 children but their training is still closed. They are taking advice and plans on whatsapp from local coaches. I have also sent my videos about technology. “

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