Government agrees to know the source of messages, whatsapp proposed alternative system

The government rests on the demand to access the source of the messages to be sent to WhatsApp, while Facebook proposes to arrange further action against the complaints of government agencies against the messages. The issue of the identity of the origin of the message has long been the center of controversy between the government and WhatsApp. Facebook company WhatsApp has been refusing to accept the government’s demand to reveal the identity of the original person who sent the message. He says that doing so will affect his policy of privacy and encryption of messages from beginning to end.

A senior government official told PTI that Facebook’s Vice President (Global Affairs and Communications) Nick Clegg met with Union Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad last week. In this meeting, Clegg offered some alternative suggestions on the issue of giving a complete clue to the original source of the messages. He gave the option of using meta data (technical data) and machine intelligence as well as giving legal agencies the benefit of the linkage of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

When asked about this, a Facebook spokesperson said, “Facebook takes care of people’s safety in India. Nick’s meeting this week gave us an opportunity to discuss our commitment to security and privacy in each of our apps. We also got to understand how we can work together with the Government of India to achieve these common goals. “A person associated with WhatsApp said that the company could not read them because the messages were encrypted. is.

Clegg met with Home Minister Amit Shah, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on 12 September. He reiterated that WhatsApp is bound to accept the legitimate demand of information by the Government of India. However he said that it is not possible to read the messages exchanged. Clegg said the company could provide signals and meta data, tell who was called and for how long.

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