Gopal Kanda will support BJP, BJP MP flees Delhi from Chartered plane to take two independent MLAs

Two BJP MLAs, one of the eight Independents who won the Haryana Assembly elections, were taken to Delhi by a BJP MP on Thursday. Sources said independents Gopal Kanda and Ranjit Singh were taken to Sirsa MP Sunita Duggal by a chartered plane to Delhi. Before boarding the plane, Kanda and Singh told the media that they would support the party that would work for the development of Sirsa. Sh.

Duggal refused to comment on the two independents being taken to Delhi, saying only that it was an internal matter of the BJP. Kanda won from Sirsa while Singh, the brother of former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala, won from Rania seat. Singh was denied a ticket by the Congress and contested as an independent.

Sources said that Singh and Kanda can give their support to the BJP. In Haryana, a hung assembly has come out, in which BJP has won 40 seats, Congress 31, JJP 10, Independents eight and INLD has won one seat. The magic figure for is 46.

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