Google Pay Reward, Cashback Offer: Download google pay tez and send money, you will get reward upto rs 222, check here how – Google Pay Diwali Offer: Google is giving everyone 222 rupees for free! Offer only till 15 October

Google has taken a new offer to add new users. For this, Google is giving up to 222 rupees to every new user. To avail this offer, you do not have to pay any registration fees to Google. Now you By clicking here Only download Google Pay app on your smartphone. After downloading, link your bank account to it. After linking, transfer only one rupee to any account of your own through UPI. By doing this, Google will immediately send 21 rupees to your account. If you do not do this, then you will not get this benefit of up to Rs 222. When you complete this process you will have a referral code. Now you will download another Google Pay from your referral code in the phone of a friend or family member, then when you send one rupee to your own account or mobile number from the newly downloaded Google Pay, you will get 180 rupees and 21 rupees will be available on the second number. In this way, you will get 222 rupees for free.

By installing this app, you can get up to 50 rupees, this is how you can earn millions of rupees sitting at home.

How to get money: First of all you By clicking here Install Google Pay app on your smartphone. You have to register yourself by filling the necessary details asked in it. Now you have to link any bank account to it. Keep in mind that the same account can be linked with UPI in Google Pay, in which the mobile number will be the same as that given in Google Pay.

After installing Google Pay, when you send 1 rupee to any bank account or friend's mobile, then 21 rupees will automatically come in your account. In this way you can get 21 rupees by sending one rupee. If you are already using Google Pay, then there is nothing that your friend or any other member of the house is not doing, then you can get Rs 21 on the same number by downloading it on his phone and generating a referral code to any other phone. You can get 180 rupees more by installing Google Pay app.

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